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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who doesn't like FREE jewelry?

Time for Some Free Sophisticatedly Free Jewelry!

DarcusTori is offering a beautiful pair of Ocean Blue Zircon Round Stud earrings for FREE!!!!!! These earrings normally retail for $59.95; but if you use the checkout code: 0801, these beautifully, sophisticated earrings are FREE +shipping. You can't beat it.... especially with the holidays coming up! The email says you can add as many pairs as you like to your basket, so stock up! Click HERE to order.

I just ordered 2 pair for $9.90 which was just the shipping! I saved $100. I don't know who I will be giving them to but they can def. make good xmas presents. Go get your free earrings!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First month down

Well, as most of you know, we started TTC as of Oct 1st. We weren't trying "very" hard this month and it showed. I have yet to get my wonderful monthly "friend" but I took a pregnancy test that clearly stated "not pregnant." So, on to month 2!

Let me just say, this month we will be trying a lot harder. Originally, I didn't want to get pregnant "right" away but now that I didn't, I hope I don't have to wait too long to see "PREGNANT" show up on a test.

My baby fever has just gotten ridiculously out of hand. lol I really want to have one of my own and finally give my Mom her grand baby she has been waiting for!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's official...

We are TTC!!!! Woohoo! I'm so excited and really hope for no problems from here on out. I guess time will tell....

I'll keep you all updated! :-)

Birthday in Vegas

Was AMAZING!!! I hate the most important people in my life there with me; my husband, my Mom, her boyfriend and Chris's cousin David and his wife, Lacey. It was so much fun!

We got there around 5 on Thursday, my actual birthday so we got our rooms all settled and then got ready to go find food and drinks. We started off at the bar at our hotel and had a shot at 8:06 pm because that was when I was born. Then we just walked around and found cheap drinks...drinks are typically VERY expensive where ever you go but we were on a mission to find it cheaper and we did. I also gambled a little that night on Blackjack and didn't win anything. :-(

All the other days, we drank and gambled some more and just touristy stuff. We went to NY NY (my favorite hotel/casino) and went on the roller coaster there, MGM and saw the Lions which Chris had never seen and there were 2- 9 week old cubs, they were adorable! Then we had some jello shots at MGM that were $2 and the strongest jello shots I've ever had so we had a few. lol

We had to go to the M&M store so I could get some girly colored M&M's. lol

Treasure Island is another one of my favorite hotels/casinos. Since David and Lacey had never been to Vegas, I had to take them to the Pirate Show at night. I saw it 7 years ago for my 21st birthday and it was great so I was expecting it to be pretty much the same. Boy, was I WRONG! It was no longer a Pirate Show, it was a freaking sex show. Ok, maybe not completely but that's what it felt like. One ship had girls in lingerie with 1 main guy and the other ship had guys with their shirts's was SO strange and I was VERY disappointed. I have now come to the conclusion that there is NOTHING in Vegas that's not geared towards men or sex. It's sad! I'd be pissed it I took my child to that show.

Other places we went to were, MGM where we found out they have a topless pool called Bare but it was $40 for guys to get in so we decided not to go. lol Next time we'll go in. haha We also went to the Venetian and got to see the new sister hotel, Palazzo which was gorgeous and the Wynn and it's sister hotel, Encore another amazing place.

Me, Chris, my Mom and my Mike went down to Old Vegas. That place is just cool. It's where Vegas origionated from and let me tell, things are def. a lot cheaper down there.

Well, I think that's about it...I will leave you with some pictures.
This is my birthday shot..lemon drop.

Me and Chris infront of the Mirage's volcano.

Me with my birthday boa at Margaritaville.

Our bed with my purple stuff (boa, m&m's, laffy taffy, hershey kisses, a shot glass and mike n ike's) from David and Lacey.

I found Madonna and Elvis in Vegas.

Me and Chris in Old Vegas.