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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Mom's HERE!!!

YAY! My Mom is finally here. Her and her boyfriend flew into Vegas because it was cheaper to do that than to fly into Phoenix and then fly out of Vegas. They got here around 6 and then we had dinner and just hung out. It didn't feel like we haven't seen each other in 4 months. Dexter, our dog, sure was excited to see Grandma. She brought him lots of treats and some toys so he was happy.

Tomorrow is my Friday so we'll be hanging out again tomorrow night and then Thursday...we are OFF TO VEGAS!!!!! We cannot wait!!!

Sad story

So, many of you know that I go on The Nest all the time. I go on the Phoenix board and the May '08 board because that was the month and year that I got married. girl on my Phoenix board posted about one of her friends that she met on The Nest or The Knot, I'm not sure which one. This girl passed away after having a c-section because amniotic fluid got into her blood stream and caused her to be brain dead which leaves her husband a single dad with a newborn and also had to plan a funeral and mourn the death of his best friend and soul mate.

I don't personally know the girl but I feel terrible for her family, husband and now daughter. They have set up a fund for her husband and child to help him get through all of this. Any help that you can do, whether it's sending coupons for diapers and/or formula, a card saying you're sorry for his loss or even bigger than that with actual gifts would be great!! Here is the address to send to:

Jewelyn Okamoto Memorial Fund
PO Box 235971
Encinitas, CA 92023-5971

For bigger packages send to:

Brandi Futrell
c/o Jewelyn Okamoto
14928 S. Maple Ave
Gardena, CA 90248

You can read more about it here:

I just can't believe this still happens in 2009.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wish I had some girl friends....

I feel like such a loser because I don't really have any girl friends here in AZ. I know I've only been here for almost 4 months but isn't that long enough to make at least 1? haha I mean, a few girls I work with, I would consider friends, I guess but we don't really ever hang out. I want some girl friends that I can go out with and do girly stuff with, without my husband. :-)

There's one girl in my Hip Hop class that seems really cool. We talk every class but haven't gotten to the point of saying "hey, lets hang out" or "here's my # if you ever want to get together." I just feel funny saying either of those 2 things. Hopefully as the class continues, maybe we'll eventually hang out. She's super nice so I'm hoping. haha I feel so stupid about it. Why is it so hard to make friends when you're an adult? Why can't I lose all my inhibitions and just ask her if she wants to hang out sometime? I don't want to look desperate though..............

Atleast I'm working up a sweat in my class. Today was a little rough...we did a lot of cardio stuff and some B-Girl stuff (break dancing). Wow, let me tell you, it's hard and of course the instructors make it look super easy!! I'm getting there though and really enjoying it too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where is my . ?

Ok, I'm a bit confused right now. The last time I had my period, it was August 4th. I don't count the days in between my periods which I know I should do but just never really had to. I've always gotten it around the date of the month before give or take a few days.

When the 4th came around, I had some spotting, so I def. thought my period was coming, which is how it always starts. Well, to my surprise, it never came. Today is the 17th and it's not where in site. I took a pregnancy test this morning, 99% sure that I wasn't pregnant but had to, and it came out negative. So, where the hell is my period? I'm not stressed or anything so I'm clueless. It hasn't done this is a really long time. About a year or so ago, I completely skipped a month but that doesn't happen very often I am waiting for it to begin.

We head to Vegas, 2 weeks from today and if I have my period while we are there, I am going to be royally pissed off!!!

I think after Vegas, we will start TTC!!! I'm terrified! I am sooooooo excited to have a baby and I have waited for this day for as long as I can remember but now that it's actually here, I'm scared as hell. I'm scared that I won't be able to get pregnant (my biggest fear in life) and I'm also scared of actually becoming pregnant. I've prevented it for 28 years and now I don't have to, I have a lot of emotions running through my head and it all hit me today!!!

49'ers/Cardinals game

Sunday me, Chris, Chris' cousin and his wife all went to the 49er's/Cardinals game. We all had 49'ers gear on because those 3 are HUGE fans. I, on the other hand, am NOT...I'm a NY Giants fan but I did it for my husband. And he will do it for me when the Giants come here! haha

We had a GREAT time. It was the opening game for the Cardinals and Jordin Sparks sang the National Anthem. She was awesome! We tailgated for a few hours before hand and had one little mishap before the game. We didn't know we couldn't buy beer before 10am on Sunday so we only have 6 beers for the tailgating. It turned out to be good though, me and Lacey didn't drink until we got inside and let the guys have the beers. We bought a small grill and cooked chicken wings and spiedies and they were awesome!

Well, without further a are a few pictures!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

I don't have a good title for today's post because it's a little bit of everything.

I had my interview for the Senior position yesterday. It was a very short interview, only about 5-6 questions. I don't know why I wouldn't get it when my Manager was the one who approached me about applying but we'll see. I should find out by the EOB day tomorrow, I hope!!

We took our little pup to the vet today to get his nails clipped. He just won't let us do it so we have to go to the Vet and once we pull up, he starts shaking and gets so nervous. Now, we had never been to the one here so how'd he know? I guess they have that instinct like humans do. Poor little guy! But he was taken very good care of. The lady that clipped his nails was very nice and let me go in with him since he does better if Mommy's with him. haha Now he's all trimmed and looks nice.

Tomorrow I have my dance class. OH...did I mention that before today? If not, my bad, I forgot. I signed up for a Hip Hop dance class at Scottsdale Community College for 1 credit. Not that I need the credit, I have my Bachelor's but it's really fun and a good workout too. It's a 2.5 hour class so you can image the soreness the next 2 days. I'm so glad I'm taking this class and I can't wait to go back on Saturday. Then we are getting ready for the big football game on Sunday. We will be staying at Chris's cousin's house which is closer to the stadium since the guys wants to get there really early to start tailgating. It'll be fun but I'm wearing a 49ers shirt and I am NOT a 49ers fan at all but I'm doing it for my husband. lol I'll post pics probably on Monday.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain in AZ?!?!!?

Yes, you read that right...we are getting rain here and I don't like it at all. A 3 day weekend where we didn't have a whole lot of plans but it's still annoying. Today we were planning on laying by the pool and getting our Vitamin D :-) but it's been cloudy all day so that's out. By Noon, I was feeling crazy from being in the house and that's def. because of the weather. So, we decided to go to the Outlets in Anthem. We were a little disappointed in them...not a whole lot of great places, that we liked at least.

All the rain and clouds are coming from Hurricane Jimena hitting the West Coast. I never knew that hurricane's came in to the Pacific. HM?! The forecast for tomorrow says no rain, thank God. I hope we can at least lay by the pool but we might go to the new water park, Wet 'n' Wild which would be a lot of fun if it doesn't rain. We also bought tickets for the Diamondbacks game on Monday. We had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free...woohoo! Gotta love those! And they are playing the Dodgers...guess what're going to hear some haggling from this New Yorker! :-) I hope the Diamondback's beat them although it doesn't look like that will be the case.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Possible promotion??

So, yesterday morning, my Manager stops by my desk and says, "I only have like 30 seconds but I just wanted to tell you to apply for the senior position." And then he ran off. haha I was like, um, ok, I guess that's a good thing...he came to me about applying.

Today, he brought me into a conference room and explained that he can't force me to apply but he thinks that I would be good at it. He also said, that although I've only been with the company for 3 months, that he thinks I'm intelligent enough and capable of doing the job. I'd have a lot more to learn but that's ok. I'm learning a lot more than what some of the people there know.

There are going to be 3 positions for Seniors so I think I have a really good chance. I'm hoping that come 2 weeks, I will have had a promotion! Yay....I'm really hoping to start moving up this Corporate ladder!

On another note......1 month til my birthday and VEGAS!!! I am so freaking excited! Oh, and to see my MOM!!!!!! That makes me really happy!! It's been 3 months since I've seen her. I have never gone that long without seeing my mom! :-( Here we are on my wedding day!