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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drinking while driving

Yes, you read that right.

Last night as Mr. A and I were driving home from getting his measurements for a tux for his cousins wedding in Sept, we decided to stop at the grocery store to try the Red Box. We've never done this before as we have Netflix but since we didn't have a movie waiting for us at home, a $1 movie was very appealing.

We took a side road instead of getting on the highway and as we are stopped at a stop light, I look to my right. At first, I thought maybe the girl next to us was drinking a Pepsi, it is a blue can like Bud Light and who drinks while driving? I mean, I've seen people drinking in the back seat and don't get me wrong, I don't condone this behavior either BUT as long as the driver isn't drinking then it doesn't really bother me as much.

However, this chick took a sip and as I had assumed, it was a Bud Light can. I was in shock. She then proceeded to drink more and even hung it out the window shaking it around like she was dancing. She was proud of the fact that she was drinking WHILE driving.

I looked at the guy next to me and mouthed "Did you see that?" He shook his head in disbelief as well.

I couldn't let this moron go without doing something about it. So....what did we do?

We wrote her plate # down, make and model of her car and called 911 since we didn't have a local police #. We gave them all the information we had and which direction we were going and where they turned.

I'm sure by the time the police found them, they weren't in the car anymore. I would have loved to see her face when the cops showed up saying they had a call for her drinking and driving.

Now, I live in Arizona which has one of the strictest drinking & driving laws. Why would someone do that? Does she really think that nobody would call on her ass? Does she think that she invincible and nothing will happen to her? Why is she that selfish that she doesn't think of those around her and who she may hurt? She couldn't wait to get home and drink?

As I said, I don't know if she got arrested (I wish I did know) but if she didn't, it's likely to bite her in the ass another time. She can't continue doing this without getting caught, right? I hope that the local police will have her license plate on the radar now so if they see it, they will watch it more closely.

Would you have done the same as Mr. A and I did?? Would you have followed them further to see where they were going to help the police find them?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dream Eze's

I picked up my 2 cloth diapers that I bought from BabyHalfOff for, get this, HALF OFF! hehe

They are originally $21.00 but I got them for $10.50. I am not pregnant and don't have little one's yet but thought it'd be worth a shot to get 2 to try once we do have kids. They are organic cotton fleece....I wish that fabric was on my bottom. lol

So, I went to pick them up since there's a local pick up in Gilbert, AZ. The email I got with the address stated it was a warehouse. Well, let me tell was NOT a warehouse, it was someone's not so pretty house. I was scared to go knock on the door actually. haha She said they are in the process of moving to a warehouse though...they've outgrown 2 houses.

They are so super cute. I got a vanilla and mandarin color mainly because they were the only two colors left. I got the small All-in-One size so they can grow with the baby up to 15 pounds, I think.

I'm regretting the fact that I didn't get more. Oh well, I'm sure there will be another sale well before I have a child in my hands.

Here is a picture of them! I want to try them on a baby. haha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Badge

Sorry readers if you already copied my last one.

I just wasn't completely pleased with it.

This new one is one of my Trash the Dress pictures so it's more meaningful!

Make sure you grab the new one on the right side of my blog!



Blogger Connection

So, thanks to Jillian, I've joined a group called Bloggers Connection started by Val at Let’s Just Give It Away. Its a great way to connect with and help out other bloggers. Here’s a description of the program:

The world of bloggers in continually growing. There are tons of newbie bloggers searching for information and more experienced bloggers who could offer a little advice about what they have learned along the way. I am starting up Bloggers Connection as a way to help bloggers connect with other bloggers, to help grow their blog, ask or answer questions or concern they or others may have, increase traffic, gain new friends, etc. I will be pairing up bloggers in small groups of about four per group. You may get paired up with bloggers who are more or less advanced than you so you can all help each other out. You will be able to communicate via email or in the discssion area and share and exchange ideas on how to improve your blogging experience.
Here are a few suggestions on how your group can get started:

*Swap buttons
*Post a blog post and link to a fellow bloggers
*Swap guest post
*Interview each other
*If you have giveaway offer an extra entry for entering each other giveaways
*Start a shared meme
*Follow, subscribe, etc. to each other blogs
*Discuss idea on how to gain followers, etc.

Check out her button on the right side of my blog under "Check These Out."

Thank You Etiquette

How is it possible that people do not know the proper way to thank someone?

I am married therefore, I’ve had a bridal shower and a wedding; both things that require thank you cards and I sent them FOR BOTH!!! And I did them very quickly too so people didn't think I was ignoring the fact that they gave me gifts and/or money.

Now, it may seem like a foreign concept to some but to me, it’s like blinking. When someone gives you something, you don’t just ignore them, you say “THANK YOU!”

So, why do people go past the way side and ignore writing and sending Thank You cards when they have their bridal shower and wedding reception?

I mean, I find it VERY rude and offensive when I take the time out of my day to attend a shower, especially if it’s for someone that I’m not really that close to. I don’t just buy a gift and say ok, there you go. I really try to make the gift I give special. Whether it may be something personalized just for them or going beyond the typical bridal shower gifts, I expect a thank you card for it. I am NOT required to attend your shower OR even buy you a gift but it is common COURTESY just like thank you cards are.

If after the shower, I don’t get a thank you card, then I will intentionally give less as their wedding gift because if you can’t thank me for the shower gift, why do you deserve my money that I’m sure I won’t get thanked for either?

Wow…..who knew that writing this would fire me up again? *deep breaths*

Ok, let’s move past weddings and talk about birthdays. I do not have children (yet) but I kind of think the same thing about their parties but not quite as much as weddings. I know most of the time people don't send them after a kids party but I think it's cute. I also just love getting stuff in the mail that's NOT a bill. :-)

I love cute and different things so I think a great idea for children thank you cards is to ask them what they want to thank the person for and write it word for word. That way they are a part of the process and it’s actually coming from the child who received the gift.

Am I being old fashioned? Have thank you cards been put on the back burner? Do people think they do not have to thank others for giving them what is sometimes a couple hundred dollars, if not more?

What are your thoughts? Have you come across this issue in your travels? Have you been to an event where you’ve given something but were never thanked for it?

I have been to a couple weddings where I have not received a Thank You card and it makes me want to call the person out. I bet they would feel like a complete jacka** if I did that.

This picture below is not my thank you cards. I will have to scan one from my wedding. They were photo thank you's. I loved them! :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet and Greet Monday

Here we are again at Monday.

Meet & Greet Monday is a great way to "meet" new people in the bloggin world. To find great new blogs to follow and to hopefully gain some followers too along the way.

Welcome, if you are new and I hope you will stick around!


If you believe, you shall receive

Saturday I was out shopping with my mother-in-law while Mr. A and his Dad were golfing. My realtor (and friend) called with great news.

As you may remember, there were two leans on this house, one for the mortgage (Wells Fargo) and one for the pool (Chase). The 2nd lean is always harder to reconsile than the 1st so we had to start with that one. The current owner was going to have to pay the pool loan off until we found out on Saturday that Chase is just going to FORGIVE this loan!

We were afraid we were going to lose this house because of the pool loan. We don't have the cash to pay it off so we were really counting on this guy.

WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! So, Saturday, Wells Fargo ordered and did the BPO, which is the appraisal.

This is such great news. The REA that is selling the house has no worries that we won't get this house. OMG, I'm kind of freaking out but SOOOO SOOOOO excited. This is going to be our house, I just know it!

We've already started planning things to change, colors to paint, furniture to buy. Once we hear about the appraisal, should be around 4th of July weekend, we're going to put our 2 month notice at our apartment.

This house is only 5 years old so the inspection should be no issue.

So, we brought my In-Laws over to see it and they loved it. It needs some cleaning but nothing too major. EEEEEEEEEEEK!!! We are so excited!!!

Here she is..... (I am in love) 4 bed/3 bath, 2002 square feet with a pool!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My 1st Etsy purchase

was not on myself but I'm ok with that.

I bought this adorable hanger for my sister-in-law. She is getting married in July of 2011 and I thought this would be a cute thing to have for pictures. I wish I had one when I got married.

And after the wedding, she could always hang it on the wall somewhere, right? I mean, you can't use a hanger than says Mrs. A for actually hanging clothes because then you wouldn't see the beautiful Mrs. A writing.

I hope she likes it.

Some may call me crazy

but I call it a good deal.

When you find something that is 50% off that you have wanted, have been eyeing or just love, do you pass it up? I don't know about you but I DO NOT!

So, I follow a page on Facebook called Babyhalfoff which runs 50% off deals with different companies. I'm not sure how often, maybe weekly.

But, today they had Organic cloth diapers for 50% off AND with a local pick up for Gilbert, AZ. Seriously, how could I pass this up? No, I am not pregnant....we'll get that right out into the open but I do want to cloth diaper when we have a little one.

Deals, specials, clearance prices are the best to stock up on when you find them so I figured why not get 2? We can try them out and if he/she likes them then we will get more.

It's better to stock up before you need these things so it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg when you actually need them. Even Mr. A said to go ahead and get them!

I got a Small Vanilla color and an Orange color (burst might have been the real name for it) and these colors can be used for either a boy or a girl. There weren't many choice colors as the green ones were sold out. I'm excited for my deal and can't wait to pick them up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I had never heard of Postcrossing until I read it as one of Jillian's things on her 101 in 1001 list.

It's a website where you sign up to send and receive real postcards in the mail from countries all over the world.

How cool is that? It's free to sign up so all you have to pay for is the postcard and the postage. That can't be that much.

I'm ready to send my first one and I got a female student in Russia. I have some postcards at home so I plan on sending one tomorrow.

I can't wait to receive my first one too. This is kind of like an adult version of penpal.

I also plan on writing up a 101 in 1001 list too. This may take me a while but stay tuned!

If you also sign up, please let me know. I'd love to hear how many other people this may have inspired!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Movin' on up

I MADE A BADGE!!!! Wow! I'm so proud of myself!!!

Here she is...........


A little about me, Mrs. A

Since I have some new followers, I thought I would tell you a little bit about me. I don't know if I ever fully introduced myself.
  • I am in my twenties but getting pretty close to 30. BLAH
  • I am originally from Upstate NY, where I lived for the first 27.5 years of my life.
  • I now live in the greater Phoenix, AZ area and love it.
  • I miss my family life crazy (they all live in NY still)
  • I married a great man
  • My sexy hubby is from Northern California
  • We met in NY through a mutual friend
  • We had a long distance relationship for the first 4 months
  • We got engaged after only 6.5 months together
  • We got married 2 years to the day that we started "dating"
  • We are in the process of buying a home
  • I can't wait to decorate my own home
  • We have an awesome little puppy named Dexter
  • I come from a divorced family
  • I have a brother with severe MR
  • Nobody truly understands the hardships you go through with a sibling who has MR
  • My Mom is my best friend
  • My relationship with my Dad has been rocky though it is better than it was and it is getting better by the day
  • I miss my Grandmother like crazy
  • The only thing in life that I want is to be a Mother
  • I played collegiate soccer and had a blast
  • I had back surgery at the age of 20
  • I graduated college in 4 years
  • I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I "grew up"
  • I love photography and hope to be photographer someday
  • I want to become a better blogger
  • I love chocolate
  • When I was 13, I won and contest and received a phone call from Jonathon Taylor Thomas who was my teenage crush
  • I eat ridiculous amounts of chicken
  • I am still learning things about myself
  • I never knew getting pregnant could be this difficult and heartbreaking

This is me in a nutshell. I'm sure I could go on and on. If you'd like to know more, please ask. I'm pretty much an open book (not completely though).

Meet and Greet Monday

I've been trying to find new blogs to follow and came across this. It's a great way to find some awesome people and blogs and to get more people to start following you as well.

Well, it's nice to "meet" you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aww, isn't she purty?

Yes, I am talking about my blog! You think that's weird, I hear?

Well, I like her and I think she's very purrrrrrrrty!

I tried updating the background and everything went a little crazy and erased everything. So, here I am giving her a makeover!

I hope you like what you see....and if you don't, well, I don't care! ;-) hehe JK

If you have any suggestions to make it look different than all other blogs out there, I'd love to hear it!

Follow me Friday

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME! It's nice to "meet" you.

I am a working wife, in my late 20's, TTC (trying to conceive) our 1st child. This is the ups and downs of TTC and just our life in general.

I'm trying to become a better blogger and I hope you will stick around and learn a little about me, Mrs.A! :-)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If you have not signed up for blog frog yet, go do that. See that little box over there to the right? Your picture could be there when you visit me, and when I visit you, I'll show up on your site too! So get on it, OK? I don't know a whole lot about that site yet but I am going to go through it and see what it can do for me :-)

Thanks, Jess!!!

Parenting Techniques

I am not a parent so I can't say how I would discipline my children.

I just read a blog My Charming Kids and she wrote a great post about how they discipline their children. I am definitely taking notes on this one. She sounds like she really knows what she's talking about.

Thanks MckMama!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a cute giveaway

Thanks to Jillian, I saw this cute giveaway.

Check it out...esp. if you are expecting or hope to be expecting too. VERY cute for Daddy's!!

The Ethertons

San Diego

Was a like a little slice of heaven. I fell in love with this city.

I've been dying to go there for years but when living in NY, California isn't really a hop, skip or jump away.

Now, that we live in AZ, it's not really any of those three above either but it is a mini days drive away and that is good enough for me!

We decided to go for our 2 year anniversary on Memorial Day weekend, which was a few days after our actual anniversary but I didn't care. We left Saturday AM and came back Monday evening.

We had a blast. Our hotel wasn't as nice as I had anticipated but I was ok with that since we weren't spending much of our time there.

So, Friday once we got there, we checked into the hotel then went down to the Gaslamp District, walked around and had a quick dinner then went to the Padres game. Wow...what a cool stadium that was. VERY family/kid oriented. Then we went back to our hotel and ordered pizza and just vegged.

Saturday we went to Coronado Island. What a cute place this was. We decided that's where we want to retire. haha We'll see if that actually happens. Anywho......we drove around trying to find the perfect spot for the beach. We ended up having lunch, at a Pub that took FOREVER to get us our food then we parked and walked to the beach. AAAAAAAAAH, how I love thy beach.

We were there for about 3 hours. At first, I was freezing. I even had a blanket over me until we realized it was warmer if you laid down. haha We both ended up getting burnt but not too terribly bad. Then we went back to our hotel, got pretty and went to Ruth's Chris for our anniversary dinner. MMMMMMMMMM. It was delicious. My drink was the best part. haha

On Sunday we went to Seaport Village for a few hours and then drove home. I was surprised with all the Border Patrol stops but I guess when you can see the bordered fence in the desert, it's necessary. lol

I loved it and can't wait to go back.

I know it's small but it says....
  • 3567 Immigration Arrests
  • 370 Criminal Arrests
  • 9952 Pounds of Drugs Seized
  • 15 DUI's
Pretty crazy they have seized that much drugs. Blew my mind!!