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Thursday, September 17, 2009

49'ers/Cardinals game

Sunday me, Chris, Chris' cousin and his wife all went to the 49er's/Cardinals game. We all had 49'ers gear on because those 3 are HUGE fans. I, on the other hand, am NOT...I'm a NY Giants fan but I did it for my husband. And he will do it for me when the Giants come here! haha

We had a GREAT time. It was the opening game for the Cardinals and Jordin Sparks sang the National Anthem. She was awesome! We tailgated for a few hours before hand and had one little mishap before the game. We didn't know we couldn't buy beer before 10am on Sunday so we only have 6 beers for the tailgating. It turned out to be good though, me and Lacey didn't drink until we got inside and let the guys have the beers. We bought a small grill and cooked chicken wings and spiedies and they were awesome!

Well, without further a are a few pictures!

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