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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex & The City 2

So, last night I went to a special dinner/showing of Sex & The City 2 with some girl friends. We bought a package at The Biltmore and got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, a little gift bag and the ticket to the 8:30 movie.

We had a few bumps in the road. Saks must have been the one putting this on because they were giving out Sak-tini's, hor deurves (or however you spell it lol), makeup touch-ups, hair trims, and they even had a little runway show with a very nice purse as the prize.

We must have gotten there late due to getting our gift card for dinner and the movie ticket at the Concierge's desk that we didn't get a Sak-tini! We were very disappointed.

So, we get to the Cheesecake Factory and we're all excited about our 3 course meal that we were expecting. We sit down and are handed a "Sex & The City 2 special menu." This "special menu" offered a choice between little house salad or little ceasar salad, 4 cheese pasta or alfredo pasta and regular cheesecake or strawberry cheesecake.

No one EVER told us there was a set menu. We immediately asked to speak to the Manager who nicely explained that this menu was picked out 2 months prior and that the Organizer of this event said she communicated that with everyone who bought tickets. LIE!!! We knew nothing except that we were getting a 3 course meal. Cheese pasta with no meat is not a mean to me! I'm sorry....

So, the manager said as long as we ordered something around the same price as what was offered, she was ok with that. Praise the Lord! Oh, and you betcha, we will all be calling or emailing the Organizer of this event to let her know how disappointed we were with our food selection.

I had to get the Red Velvet Cheesecake because it's just TO.DIE.FOR and quite frankly, I don't really like regular cheesecake. The pieces are so big, I have leftovers. YUM!!!!!

On to the movie.....

We walk across the street to the movie theatre and they have a big poster like thing standing up where we got our pictures taken in front of. (Speaking of, I need to check to see if it's online yet). I couldn't pass this up....I love pictures AND we can download the picture for free!!! WOOHOO! Even better!!

The movie was awesome! I loved it. It was very funny.....unlike the first one.
I was surprised to see a few guys there but then when one sat next to us, I knew why he was there. He was very flamboyantly gay. Throughout the entire movie, he would comment on how cute everyone looked, how hot the guys looked, told the girls in the theatre to keep it down.....he was a peach! Def. could have lived without him there!

I can't wait to see it again and def. buy it on DVD. Maybe I'll wait for Black Friday like last year when I bought the 1st one for $3!!!! I love deals!

Once I get the pictures downloaded....I will update with them.


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