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Thursday, May 6, 2010



We are so excited! When we lived in NY, we went to Planet Fitness. We liked it but it didn't have everything we pool, no cardio room, no scale (it was a Judgement Free Zone haha).

When we moved to AZ, we said that we'd just use our Apt. gym. Now, mind you, it's about the size of our 1 bedroom apartment. haha So, we can't do a whole lot there and well, there just isn't a lot there. It was frustrating so we basically stopped.

Then, I found it and the place I was going to, had it for $5 on Wed. nights. and then after April, they only had it for $5 on Sundays at 7pm. We are on a bowling league on Sunday nights AND if we weren't, I wouldn't want to go work out at 7pm.

So, today we decided to head to LA Fitness to get a tour and ask about prices.

We loved the place....they have a pool, sauna, hot tub aka jacuzzi (as they call it), steam room, tons of free weights, full length basketball court, day care (which we don't need yet), a salon/barber shop (I laughed at this), tons of cardio machines, and the most important one for me is the CARDIO room. They have SO many classes that I love, it's awesome. I will most likely be in there most of the time but will also be using the other things.

YAY to getting back into pre-wedding shape and prepping my body for a baby....whenever my body decides to cooperate with me. LOL

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  1. They have a salon/barber shop? Where is this?? In Tempe? I don't recall any of that on the LA Fitness I used to go. Then again, it might be because I only went a couple of times hehe but, in my defense, it was no longer fun after my friend left :(.

    I'm glad you are loving it. Remember to stay away from the hot tub and sauna for now :).