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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mom's here!!!

My Mom is here visiting for 1 week all by herself. She came in on Tuesday the 9th and is leaving Tuesday the 16th. It's great having her here to show her around since the last 2 times she was here, we didn't get to do that much.

Last night we took her to see the house we STILL have the offer on. She walked in and instantly "GASPED" and said "I love it" which in turn I think made me love it even more.

You always want your parents approval, right? It definitely makes things a lot easier when they approve. I sure can remember NOT having approvals with previous boyfriends and let me tell you, I wish I had listened back then. lol But what teenager really listens to what they parents say?

My husband is scared to have a girl for this reason. We will be watching a TV show and a teenage girl will be screaming at her parents and then storm out of the room and Mr. A will say....."YEAH, and YOU want to have a girl?" haha I think deep down he really wants a girl too. What guy wouldn't? They melt the second they see/hold them and the rest of their lives that little girl has her Daddy wrapped around her finger!!

Well, back to the real reason I started this post. lol Sorry for getting off topic!

So....oh yeah, the house! We finally heard yesterday that the bank is going to look at the offer NEXT Friday, the 19th! If they say no, we will hear quickly. If they are going to say yes or maybe, we won't hear for a while. So, I am praying we don't hear a no. That house is just so perfect for us right now. It's the nicest one we've seen in our price range and the area...well, you just can't beat it (ok, you probably can), I love it!

I'm excited for this weekend too. Tonight, we will probably go to the mall since I have to return a shirt and then maybe go to happy hour somewhere. Tomorrow we have a playoff Flag Football game and then if it's warm, probably lay by the pool. Sunday we are going to a Spring Training game, the Giants, I think! SO excited even though I'm not a SF Giants fan. Monday, I took off work since it's my Mom's last day here and we're heading to the West Valley to see Mr. A's cousin, his wife and kids. LOVE them little kiddies. We call them our neice and nephew even though they really aren't. It's ok, though, right? I love them unconditionally!

I will try to update more this weekend with some pictures too!

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