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Friday, March 19, 2010

No news is good news, right?!

Well, the bank reviewed, not our offer but the Investors offer (this is the person who's buying the house for cash and then selling it to us) today.

Our REA told us that "no news is good news." And that if B of A (Bank of America-I hate that bank) said NO, we should probably hear sometime today. Well.....we did not hear anything!

So........I'm super excited! I'm getting my hopes up for what I really hope is not a complete disappointment. This house is just perfect for us right now!

We have to put our 60 day notice in to our apt. complex NO later than March 29th!!! Are we cutting it close or what?!?! It's actually giving me quite a bit of stress.

So, no news right now, is good news! I hope to hear nothing for another week at the MOST! And I hope to hear a YES!!!

If they accept, our contract says we close within 21 days of accepted offer in order to ensure we close in time for the tax credit!! OMG...SO.EX-CI-TED!!! :-)

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  1. Your blog is adorable. I can't remember if I commented on it already or not. =)