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Monday, August 10, 2009

A little bored so here's a blog

I've been a member of blogspot for a while but haven't really decided to make a blog since I thought I'd be horrible with keeping it updated. I know a lot of people that have them and it looks like a good way to get things out so I've decided to join the fad.

Right now, I'm sitting at work with not much to do. My job, well, is a job. I'm very grateful to have it especially since I now know what it's like to lose one. What a horrible feeling that is. You try not to take it personal but it's really hard not to. They tell you, "we're sorry, it's not you, we just lost our funding for your position." Yeah, whatever, don't sugar coat it for me as I sit here and ball like a little baby. But anyways, my job now is ok. Not something that I want to be doing forever, that's for sure. It's with a Fortune 500 company though and there's room to grow so I'm going to work my butt off to try and make it to the top. I need a raise though. LOL

As far as my life here in Tempe, Arizona, other than work, is just amazing. I don't know how anyone couldn't like this life out here. It's sunny EVERY day! Now, that's something I'm not use to. The summer is hot....115 degrees, HOT but it's not humid so that helps. It def. beats the -10 degrees back in NY. I can't wait until November...I hear that's the best month of the year, the weather is perfect!

We haven't met a ton of people yet. Luckily, I work with some cool people so I've got a couple of people to hang out with. I also have my nest girls that I'm starting to get to know. We've had a few GTG (Get togethers) in the past 2 weeks so I hope we can continue doing those.

Dexter, our 10 month old Chihuahua, is doing amazing. He is the best dog in the whole world. I will post a picture soon because he's not only the best dog but he's the cutest too! :-) As of the middle of last week, we stopped putting him in his crate when we leave. This is HUGE! He loves it though...he lays on the love seat the whole time we are gone and sleeps. He hasn't gone potty in the house while we've been gone either. YAY for Dexter!!!


  1. Glad you joined this crazy blog world! I seriousy can't believe that Dexter is 10 months already! It seems like yesterday when you got him.

    It seems like you guys are adjusting beautifully to Tempe that's really awesome.

  2. I know, I can't believe he's 10 months old already either. Time flies!

    Yes, we love Tempe. Thanks! I still wish I could meet my May '08 girls!