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Monday, April 12, 2010

High Rollers

So, Mr. A and I are on a bowling league on Sundays nights. The girls across the hall asked me to be on their team back in February, I think. So, when we started, the league decided we could have 5 people on a team instead of 4 so Mr. A JUMPED on that opportunity like a kid in a candy store. No joke! lol

We are now down back to 4 people since one girl moved to Albequerque! :-(

It's been about 5 or 6 weeks since we started and we have a blast. The girls we bowl with are fun so we always end up staying past the league and "after bowling" when the lights go out. That's even more fun than the league.

Well, I ordered shirts for our team and they came in on Saturday so I brought them last night and they loved them. I took a few pictures but this is the only one I have on my work computer so without further are the High Rollers!!! (I will add more pics later because you will need to see the back too)

It's a little dark because it's a cell phone picture!


  1. I love the shirts :-) Your husband is such a trooper.

    Oh by the way, I tagged you in my blog! Check it out!

  2. Thanks! :-) I think he loved the shirts even more than I did! haha