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Friday, April 16, 2010

What??!! You play Flag Football?!?

So, for work, they have a flag football team every year. Since, this is the 1st year I've worked here, I had no idea about it until I was approached to play. I was ecstatic when I was asked to be on a team. I've always thought it would be fun.

Little did I know how competitive it would be. No joke, these guys are out there to win! Blood, sweat and tears..........they will do whatever they need to do to win. I feared for my life a few times. lol

Here are a few pictures of my 2 touchdowns from the game that put us in the Championship!

Touchdown # 2

After I scored this touchdown...the girl on the right called me a "Ninja." HAHA Apparently because she thought I was super fast. Aww, thanks but I think I have some skill too! hehe

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