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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

House hunting is NO longer fun

So, we started House Hunting in mid January. We've looked at probably 25 houses. Found one we loved, put an offer in (it's a Short Sale) on Feb. 9th. We knew the issues with Short Sales...they are everything BUT short.

We stopped looking...the selling agent was working really hard for us. The bank (Bank of America) reviewed the offer on March 19th. We were told that if it was a "no", we'd hear right away. Well, we didn't hear anything. It's now April 6th and we still haven't heard anything.

So, we looked at another house today. It was basically all brand new inside the house. It was nice but had many con's to it....
  • neighborhood didn't feel like seemed like the houses were condo's
  • the kitchen was smaller than our apt. kitchen and that's tiny
  • the "living room" def. wouldn't have fit our furniture
  • and that extra front room...I hate them. It's wasted space to me.
The pro's were:
  • brand new appliances in kitchen-never been used
  • granite countertops
  • new carpeting and paint
  • loved the double doors into the master
BUT and there's always a didn't feel like a "home" to us. It just felt like a place we could live in for a few years. Throw some kids into the mix and it'd be a tight squeeze.

It looks as if we'll be missing the $8000 tax credit which is up by the end of this month if you do not sign a contract by then. As much as we'd LOVE that money and how much easier it'd be to get the things we need with that money...we will not settle on a house just for the extra cash. I know that if we did that, I'd regret it and hate our house within less than a year. I don't want that.

So, here we are, waiting for the bank to say "yes" to the offer so we can move on with this process and stop stressing. We want out of our apt. living and all the scum around us who don't care about others except themselves.

We will wait.....
We will hope that once the tax credit is over, the prices of houses with plummet a little more like our Realtor said they would since less people will be buying.
We will pray.....
We will be optimistic....
We will let "what's supposed to happen, happen"
We will love the decisions we end up making.....


  1. You'll find the right house for you- you'll walk in and it'll be a breath of fresh air!

    I really hope home values don't plummet though, for selfish reason's =)

  2. I am so impressed with your positive thinking! It will happen!

  3. Aww I'm sorry Stacy! Keep looking - you will find your home!!

  4. "We will hope that once the tax credit is over, the prices of houses with plummet a little more like our Realtor said they would since less people will be buying."

    This. I've been hearing over and over that home prices will go down once the credit goes away. I hope it's true :)

  5. Ugh! That is so irritating! Dumb banks...taking their sweet time, c'mon, it's money for them too. lol Sorry that you are playing the waiting game. Hopefully you hear something soon- at least just to know. Oh, did you want to try to get together this weekend? Maybe Saturday evening or something?