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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love Mr. A

Most of you know that we've been TTC (trying to conceive). We started in October '09, which is when we threw all forms of birth control out the window. October and November we though "just let see what happens" and when it didn't happen, I started charting.

We are now going into month 10 of actively TTC. It's now taking a big toll on my emotions.

When we started, I NEVER thought in a million years that it would take us this "long" to get pregnant. I quote "long" because according to some, it's really not long at all. I know that some people have gone years and years TTC, which yes, that is LONG but to me, 10 months is a long time to want and try so hard for something.

My Mom got pregnant right away with both me and my brother so I just assumed I would too.

I've been to the Naturopathic Dr. and had blood work and everything came back fine except my Iron and Vitamin D. I'm not on both supplements.

Mr. A got his semen analysis (SA) and blood work done last week and everything came back normal. YAY but now I'm thinking something must be wrong with me.

I've been taking Prenatal Vitamins along with Omega 3's with DHA for over a year now. I'm taking my Iron and Vitamin D daily also and I just ordered a Chinese Herb that my Naturopatchi Dr. told me to try. It's called Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan aka Women's Seed Planting Pill in English. I will try anything at this point.

I have finally made an appointment with a new Midwife to get my annual done in 2 weeks and to talk about possible testing. I'm wondering if maybe my fallopian tubes are blocked. I know that I'm ovulating from Charting so it can't be that, I don't think.

So, last night I completely lost my cool. I broke down and cried my little heart out for a while. Mr. A just hugged me and let me cry. He told me how much he loved me and that we will have a baby soon and not to stress myself out. (Way easier said that done)

It felt really good to let it out. It's the first time I've cried about it and I'm sure won't be the last.

We have a wedding in July in Washington (my sister-in-laws) so if we aren't pregnant by the end of September, we're going to have to put it on hold for 2-3 months to ensure I'm not due at her wedding....that wouldn't be good. I'm sad if we'll have to do that as if it hasn't happened by then, I'm not going to want to put it on hold for 2 months but we don't really have a choice. We can't miss her wedding............

I pray to the Lord to give me the strength to continue on and the patience I need to get through this.
I pray to the Lord that He will give us a healthy, beautiful child when he finds us ready (which I hope is very soon lol).


  1. Aww honey, I know exactly how you feel. You know how to find me thru blogs and facebook if you need to vent.

    We found out my possible cause around month 15 - low estrogen and possible running out of eggs (but my doc didn't quite believe that). I hope you don't have to get to the point of further infertility testing. ((hugs))

  2. I'm so sorry Stacy! I will say a little prayer for you and for some peace during this process :)

  3. I'm sorry hun. I can't say I know how it feels but I can imagine how how and frustrating it is. I'm here for you whenever.

    I will say this even though it's your SIL I wouldn't stop trying because you can't stop your life for other peoples events...we went back and forth and I'm actually due on the day that Mr. B was to stand in his best friend/cousins/more like brothers wedding. Well they split. Definitely not saying that will happen with your SIL but I'm glad that we didn't wait just in case because we thought about it.

    there will always be some kind of family moment that will come about.

    Keep the faith it will happen and you will be a great mommy

  4. Im sorry and I hope it happens for you really soon! It can be very stressful on couples, just try and not let it control your life and still appreciate each other and your time together. I wish you lots of luck and lots of babies!

  5. What a good husband! I'm sorry that it has taken you this long, have faith girl, you will have the babies you've always wanted.

  6. I have been thinking about you a lot after your nest post today (I wasn't able to reply until late tonight), and pray that everything works out with testing or whatever lies ahead so that you can start your beautiful family. I (and the other Nest girls) are always here if you need to talk or vent or whatever. This is a really sh!tty, but I know it will somehow have a happy ending! HOPING that this next month is the month for you!!!

    GL with the Chinese Herb!

    Also have you been drinking GFJ or using Preseed? Other things to try, if you are not. Can't hurt, right?

  7. Hang in there doll! We tried for a long time and eventually got put on Clomid! As you know we now have TWINS!!

    I know the road is long and hard and somedays you just want to ball, but I'm convinced that God will not give you a dream without fulfilling it!

    If you ever need to talk, send me an email!