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Monday, July 12, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 11

Where I live

I live in the Valley of Sun…Arizona. The Phoenix area….

It’s no lie. It’s sunny almost ALL.THE.TIME and I love it.

It is one of the 4 corner states; it borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and California and touches Colorado.

It is the largest US landlocked U.S. state by population. Gosh, there are so many people that live here which makes rush hour traffic HORRENDOUS!!! The major highway (I-10) is 5 lanes wide and during rush hour, it’s stop and go. It’s awful!

We don’t observe Daylight Savings Time except on the Navajo Nation but that’s really small.

We get Monsoons in the summer to which I’ve heard are beautiful to watch. However, we moved here May 29th of last year and didn’t get to see even 1. It was a very dry summer. And so far this year is pretty dry too.

I love Arizona. Yes, it’s hot…it gets up to 120 in the summer (not always) but there’s usually no humidity which helps. We have great winters and it hardly rains. Perfect for me and Mr. A! We both hate the snow. It’s pretty to visit but not to live in all the time.

We currently live in a 1 bedroom 800 something square foot apartment and it sucks. We are in the process of buying a home. Well, we are trying to buy a home. We’ve been looking since mid January and the cards have been kind of against us until recently. We have an offer on one now that we should hear back from any day now. Once we get a yes, we close in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS!!!!!!! OMG, I’m kind of freaking out. That’s so fast. We have to give a 60 day notice to our apartment complex. That sucks. I’m pretty mad about that but I guess there’s nothing we can do about it. We are very excited to get out of our apartment though.

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  1. crossing my tootsies that you hear about your house soon!