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Monday, July 19, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 17

Pet Peeves
Bad drivers-I could go on for hours about the things I hate when I’m driving. UGH!

Loud Chewers-it REALLY grosses me out

“One up” type of people-Is there really a reason they need to tell a story that is so much better than yours/mine? They have to be the best, know the most, have the worst or best life/experiences, etc. So annoying.

Liars or people who exaggerate the truth. Just tell the damn truth!

Cattiness- Get over yourself and grow up. Thanks.

When people use the word “retard.” Think about those who it may offend. Yes, I know some people don’t care and those people I won’t associate myself with but it’s not a word you just throw around loosely. It can be very hurtful.

TARDINESS!!!!! My Father and Grandmother were.the.worst.ever. My Dad is still really bad with being on time. I would wait for hours when I was a kid for him to come pick me up. I’d stand in the doorway or look out the window for him. This has caused me to usually be early for everything and if not, I’m right on time. I HATE WAITING!!!!

Close talkers- CREEP me out!!!

When someone leaves the room and doesn’t turn the light off.

When the toilet paper roll isn’t replaced.
When people take advantage of the "system."
These are just a few....

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