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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 13

My ideal age....

Well, I don't think I can pick just 1 age because there are perks to many and downsides to many as well.

Like...being a small child. You have no responsibilities. You don't have to pay bills, find a job, be in crazy relationships, worry about your children, etc. Everything is given to you (well, the fortunate children, at least). My parents were still together and life seemed awesome.

Then there's your early teens. You have CRAZY hormones so you're moody and not very nice to those you love. You are starting to worry about what people think of you and you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. You're emotional and don't usually think of the repercussions of your actions. You worry your parents to death.

Mid to late teens. You finally get to drive. Wow, what a responsibility but I do think 16 is a little young to be driving by yourself (though I didn't think this when I was 16). Here come the responsibilities. Which for me, led me to a job. Then you get to graduate HS and go to College which usually happens around 18. Oh how fun. But how do you pay for it, where do you go, what do you go for? Now you are making life changing choices. And you get to vote...a huge freedom that comes with responsibility.

Early 20's. You can finally get to drink legally. Now, you have to worry about getting DD's when you go somewhere or not drinking too much to the point of alcohol poisoning, etc.

Mid 20's....woohoo, your car insurance 'should' go down and you can rent a car on your own without being charged a crazy amount of extra fees. Most people are wondering about marriage or finding the right person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Late 20's...for me have been awesome. I got married and moved across the country. Both HUGE responsibilities and changes in my life. They weren't easy choices to make. Ok, the marriage one was but the moving one not so much.
Buying a home, trying to have a, very emotional and life changing things.

I wouldn't want to be young again because then I would have to go through all of that again. I've been through a lot (I'm sure not as much as others) and I wish some things were different but all of my life choices and experiences are what made me who I am today. I love being in my late 20's. I don't feel almost 29 which is great. I just wish I had a child to add to our little family.

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