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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is looking GOOD!!

So, as most of you know, we have been House Hunting since mid January. We've put in probably 6 offers with none of them working out.

Well, we finally found one that seems to be working out for us. We put the offer in on May 14th (I believe).

This house had 2 loans.....1 for the mortgage and 1 for the pool. Initially, the owner was going to have to pay the pool back BUT on June 19th we heard great news. Chase, who had the lean on the pool was going to forgive the loan. YAY!! This was the harder of the two to get through.

So, we signed a bunch more papers the other day and one was that we are to close no LATER than 30 days from written acceptance. OMG. I freaked a little bit. That's so fast especially for a Short Sale.

We have to give 60 days notice to our apartment complex which I HATE but it'll give us time to paint and do some other things we really want to do. I get a text from my Realtor and friend that THEY EXTENDED THE TAX CREDIT!!!!!!!!! It's only for people who have current contracts and have to close by Sept. 30th. Now, we aren't 100 positive that it's the full amount of if we had to sign a contract by April 30th for the full amount. Either way, we will get something and I'm super stoked about it.

Now, we just need to hear a yes on the house. HOWEVER, we don't see any issues as to why they would say no.

Crossing our fingers and praying to the big Guy.


  1. Crossing my fingers, toes, arms, anything I can. Good Luck on it, I know you'll get it and close soon.

    And what is up with the 60 day notice on apartments? Our last one was like that

  2. That 60 day rule is kinda lame! Wahooooooo for it being so close!