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Friday, July 16, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 16

My worst habits
I bite my nails. I wish I could stop. I really do want to have pretty, somewhat long, nails but I just can’t. I’ve been doing it my whole life. I love the way they look when they get the white part on the tip but then I love biting it off. Haha I may have picked it up from my Mom as she does it a lot too.
I even pick at my toe nails. (Now, I will go run and hide as you laugh and probably say “eww, that’s so gross” but I’m really NOT gross.)

I also pop pimples. I know I shouldn’t because it can leave scaring and blah blah blah but once again I.JUST.CAN’T.HELP.IT!!! It’s kind of fun…

I’m sure I have more but these are the first two that came to my mind.


  1. I’m your newest follower =) happy friday

  2. hahaha Shelly, you're too funny!

  3. I'm a popper too. Soo gross but so satisfying.