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Thursday, July 8, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 5

My Favorite Holiday/Vacation

I'm going to talk about my favorite vacation.

When I met Mr. A it was the summer of 2006. I lived in NY, he lived in CA. We had to travel to see each other, which was about once a month. It sucked and it was hard but it definitely made us strong!

We went on A LOT of vacations that summer so I can't pick just one. Therefore, I'm going to talk about our HONEYMOON!!!

We went to Riviera Maya, Mexico in May 2008. We stayed at Aventura Spa Palace and it was beautiful. It was an All-inclusive resort. Something that I had never experienced before so I didn't know what to expect. It was joke. I would definitely go back in a heart beat.

We laid by the pool, enjoyed many of meals, tons of drinks and shots and a few excursions. We even met a few people that we still keep in contact with back from the East Coast. I love it! We are talking about meeting back up with them at our honeymoon destination sometime in the near future.

Here we are at the honeymooners night. They had a sit down dinner with live entertainment. It was awesome!

This was THE BEST excursion ever and if I had known how awesome it was going to be, I wouldn't have spent anymore money on anything else and we would have done this a couple times.
Swimming with the dolphins. What amazing creatures they are!!

We also went horseback riding. This, I have been wanting to do for years and years. I talked Mr. A into doing it and well, I was actually quite scared once I got on the horse. haha Mr. A rode his horse into the water as I sat and watched.

My horses name was Freckles. She was so cute and nice but had a mouth infection so if I pulled on the reigns too hard, it hurt her. Poor Freckles!!

Here are our friends in order....Julie, Chris, Ryan, Derek, Janine, Me and our bartender. They made AWESOME shots. Each one was a different color and tasted amazing!!

This one was called the Crazy Frog or something like that. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I wish I could have one right now.

Here is our resort from the pool area and my sexy Mr. A!

Here is the front sign.

Here we are in Playa Del Carmen. Look at that ocean behind us. What a beautiful site. If you look really close...I have my bikini top on wrong. HAHAHAHAHA I don't know HOW this happened but both me and Mr. A didn't know it was on wrong until later that day! Wow....I guess that goes to show what a great honeymoon we had!

I love you more than anything Mr. A and my love grows more and more each day!!


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  2. Wow, those are some amazing photos. Loving reading your 30 day challenge!

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  4. This is a great post chica! Love you swimming with the dolphins--waywayway kewl!

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  6. I'm dying to go to an all inclusive resort! So amazing. Hubs and I swam w/ dolphins on our honeymoon as well, so special!
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