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Monday, July 26, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 25

My Dream Home
There are way too many things that I would want in a house so I know I will never get it unless I have it built. I may do that someday but most likely not. Haha

Anyways, here’s the list….

Not sure of the color or outside style

Front porch

Finished basement

Bar in the basement

At least 4 bedrooms but that would depend on how many kids we would have

3+ bathrooms

Granite countertops

Dark custom made cabinets

Fire place but not a real one, maybe gas

An island in the kitchen

Huge pantry

Double ovens

Hard wood flooring

Huuuuuge closets in all the rooms

Double sinks in the master with a Jacuzzi tub

Walk in shower with 2 shower heads

Enough storage space for the whole house

I think that’s all for now……

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